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Bounding Frag

Here are a few variations from Iraq. 82mm mortar projo used as a warhead on two of them.


  • Chinese bounding.jpg
    Chinese bounding.jpg
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  • Iraq unknown.jpg
    Iraq unknown.jpg
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  • 82mm .jpg
    82mm .jpg
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  • 82mm 2.jpg
    82mm 2.jpg
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In the new Parade (Russian) export book they advertise a couple of tear gas versions, some of which are strictly gas, others which add CS to the anti-tank warhead so that while it can still defeat armored targets it further will "harrass the lawbreakers" (CS can only be used in the field for training or law enforcement). Available now at Bazalt Industries - for the considerate law enforcement officer -
Hi, thought I'd take the opportunity to add a pretty cool Chinese made RPG7 fuze. Cheers Colin


  • RPG fuze.jpg
    RPG fuze.jpg
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Here a cutaway of the type 69 bounding frag and the OG-7.


  • Projectile HE type 69 cutaway.jpg
    Projectile HE type 69 cutaway.jpg
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  • OG 7.jpg
    OG 7.jpg
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