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Couple of boxes I've got, 1st is marked A229 mk2 G.M. 4/61 and size is 16in x 13in x 8.5in and has 4 catches so the lid can be totally removed, can anyone tell me what it was for? just curious as I'm not into packaging at all. 2nd No.17 box I know what its for as its written on it but thought someone might like to see it, its 25in x 15in x 12.5 in, had the dividers taken out to make it 'useful'.


  • box A229 side.JPG
    box A229 side.JPG
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  • box A229 top.JPG
    box A229 top.JPG
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  • box no17 marks.JPG
    box no17 marks.JPG
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  • box no17 view.JPG
    box no17 view.JPG
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Is the metalwork on the A229 brass or steel? If brass it might be for explosives, I still don't have a reference for it but I'll keep looking.
Thanks for looking, pretty sure the metal is steel on the catches, not sure why the lid is totally removeable.