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Boys .55 inch.


Allo, here are a few more drawings for the Brit. SAA collectors, Cheers, RonB.


  • Boxes etc. 005.jpg
    Boxes etc. 005.jpg
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  • Boxes etc. 006.jpg
    Boxes etc. 006.jpg
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  • ''Boys, 55in.''.jpg
    ''Boys, 55in.''.jpg
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  • ''Boys, 55in.'' 001.jpg
    ''Boys, 55in.'' 001.jpg
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    ''Boys, 55in.'' 004.jpg
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''Boys .55in'' Contd.

Here are the last few frames. Cheers, Ron.


  • ''Boys, 55in.'' 002.jpg
    ''Boys, 55in.'' 002.jpg
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  • ''Boys, 55in.'' 003.jpg
    ''Boys, 55in.'' 003.jpg
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  • ''Boys, 55in.'' 005.jpg
    ''Boys, 55in.'' 005.jpg
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  • ''Boys, 55in.'' 006.jpg
    ''Boys, 55in.'' 006.jpg
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Thanks for the drawings very interesting can you tell me a bit about the little john adaptor please ? cheers

from bazooka chris

Thanks for the drawings very interesting can you tell me a bit about the little john adapter please ? cheers

from bazooka chris
Hi, yes as you know they went mad with littlejohn re. calibres, its a wounder they did not make one in .22in. rimfire. By 1942 with armour increasing all the time and skirting plates etc. - well really what could they offer in defeat of targets? Much better and cheaper to use chemical energy methods. And equipment - do you use a cone brl. or carry around adapters No this was more for developing information on external/ internal & terminal ballistics for the 2 pdr. lf l can find the info that came mostly from ''Q'' proc's then l will get back to you. Regards, Ron.
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If they were made and only ever submitted to trials, I suppose they would not have had a "WG" headstamp. That sure would be a nice case to find though!