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Brit WW2 57mm. 6pdr. Anti-Tank Projectile - I believe


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Brit WW2 57mm. Anti-Tank Projectile (APCBC) - I believe

Hello Folks -

Well at least from the research I've done, that seems to be the case. However, this is completely out of my area of expertise! Apologies for the quality of the photos. Am still trying to figure out the new camera. The shell really isn't bent in the first pic.

Found this in a local shop amidst the doilies and china. Couldn't stand to let it suffer! :sad: Don't know a whole lot more about it. Lots of Broad Arrows, marked on the band, "APCBC," "Broad Arrow over CC" and "7CWT TP XL(or I)T ?1132 PS-LOT-7."

Can't find anything that appears to be a definitive date, other than possibly the '39 on the base?

If anyone has additional info I would very much appreciate it.

- Best regards! Mike


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Hi Mike, what you have is a 6 PR 7 CWT APCBC Mk 11 projectile (there were marks 10, 11, 15, & 19 of APCBC).

The date should be marked on the band, month and year. I'd guess it could be any date from 43 onwards.

A nice find.

Thanks very much Quatermass -

That explains the 'mystery' marks. It appears the date must be worn off. The stamping is very light on that side of the band. I believe it was used as a 'paperweight' for many years.

- Best regards! Mike