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I thought i would post some pictures and info on these huge rounds that were saved from a scrap yard in the depths of Cornwall. To start with a big thankyou to Rrickoshea for the heads up and many thanks to Tigbrand for the logistical side of things.
These are British 15" solid steel practice rounds all from the same maker and share the same date and lot number as far as i am aware. The pictures dont really do them justice...They are huge.!
All of the rounds pictured have now gone into private hands, I have not had a chance to weigh mine to see how heavy it is although documentation points to them being about 875Kg each. If anyone can tell me what colour these should be that would be helpfull if i decide to repaint. The rounds are stamped on the base C E maker ? B.I.T 2/40 P LOT 24 and N/V1.
Please feel free to add any info you have as these rounds are not something i have much info on.


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Very Very COOL :tinysmile_classes_t Do you think you could pop one into the post for me?

15 inchers

Well done guys,

Saved for history sake. Great to hear & better to see.

Cheers Regards,

Thankyou for the comments, like ozziammo said at least they are saved for history sake and not gone into the great melting pot like so many others i am sure.
Regards Weasel.
Fantastic !

Fantastic Weasel what a find and well done for saving your "little" piece of Naval history.

Did you push them to the back of the lorry and then lift the front cab up with a couple of fingers until they fell off onto your driveway-i'll send the driveway boys round to give you a quote for a new drive !
15 " shells

heres a few 15" shells from fort nelson

regards lee


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Nice pics Lee thanks for adding those, good to see what sort of stenciling was on these. Chris 42 RQ they were tricky to move as once they started moving it was very difficult to stop them. Life was made much easier with the use of a fork lift.
Great find, It's lucky that they still have the bands on.

Would they have had a ballistic cap originally?

I think that they deserve sand blasting and re painting, or you could just leave them with the aged look.
Good planning !

Nice pics Lee thanks for adding those, good to see what sort of stenciling was on these. Chris 42 RQ they were tricky to move as once they started moving it was very difficult to stop them. Life was made much easier with the use of a fork lift.

Nice one Weasel that is what is called good planning or the 6 P's

the 6 p rule is


thats what we always used to have as a saying in my race team

but the official none swear one is

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next up is a 300+mm French WW1 railway gun HE shell but you had better start saving your pennies for that one! Will advise when its pulled out of the garage ready for photo etc. Dave
Falcon as far as i know these practice rounds did not have a ballistic cap fitted to them.
I look forward to seeing that 300mm monster you mention Dave, not sure i have ever seen one.
What is shipping to the states?


BTW, what is the story behind finding them? And that WW1 French shell too.

Hi chaps,can anybody help with the correct paint scheme for these shells? Believe black with yellow band and C of G markings. Has anyone any contempory pics to help?? Also who is B.I.T?? Have recently seen a ww2 date 2 pdr He, made by the same manufacturer. Come on chaps the info must be available to somone on Bocn. Where are all the experts now? I also bought one of these and it isnt coming home to sit next to my front door until its painted correctly!Regards Tony.:tinysmile_fatgrin_t
As you say Tig there must be someone on here with a picure or a document showing the paint scheme for these practice rounds. It will look great painted up, I have looked and looked and can't find any info.
Best Weasel.
15inch shell

I've a poor copy of 1945 naval ammo handbook which has notes on practice shell as well as live, if its any use I will try and scan it and send attached to private email to you rather than post it here due to size and legibility. BIT are just one of many on my dont know makers list but they did also make 4in FA naval shell 1955 and 3in naval shell 1962 both filled as practice types. BIT is not a good thing to search the net for.
Hi Weasel,

Please advise on postage to Oz for 2 surplus 15" Proj. I need some door stops.

(Good to hear they went to a good home.)

Does any one have any pics of the guns that fired these beasts?