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British 2" Mortar


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Hi there.
A friend of mine has a very battered 2" mortar bomb that he has had for years but knows very little about it. I thought there would be someone here who knows a thing or two about these little beasts. Unfortunatly I have no photo yet (phone broken). It is deffinitily 2" British mortar. The fins are gone now. The body is very pitted. I can just about make out a painted ring around it about half way down the body. It is light, possibly white. The fuze appears to be very similar to one found on a 2" HE round. I have googled it and have come up with two possibilities. The first is a bursting smoke round which I have stuck a picturs of below. The problem is, I need to know if the cap screws off and if it has the same sort of fuze as an HE round does. The second is a practice firing round which I assume would be fitted with a standard fuse with a drilled hole to see smoke?
I know nothing about mortars so when I say "HE Fuze", I mean the one shown in picture 3.
What I am asking really is.... Do bursting smoke rounds have this type of fuze? Am I correct with the theory of the Practice round having hole drilled to see smoke?
Any help would be much appreciated.
PS - My friend assures me that the mortar is completely inert.


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Fuze percussion Direct action No 151, used on the He and smoke bursting,
(phosphorus).Practice bombs are constructed in a similer manner as the He bombs,
with the exception of having an inert or solid fuze and being filled with sand.
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Thanks for that. By that I can rule out practice bomb then. It's so rusted I'm not sure I'll be able to tell if either HE or smoke bursting. I'll tell him to put it back in his shed for now
Pointblank ,In the search option (top centre of page) type in "2inch" theres quite a few posts on the 2in mortar