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British 25 pdr. case from 1943


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Just got this one and I wonder, what a normal price would be for one of them, because I bought it accidently and usually collect WW1. Its marked at the bottom:

25 PR II





There are also some "broad arrow" proof marks on the bottom and some numbers stamped on the side of the case (difficult to read anymore).


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I'd say you can pick these up anything from about 10 to silly prices. I nearly bought one the other day for 12 which was 1953 dated but had all the stencilling intact on the side (normally polished off). As it wasnt wartime dated I didnt put my hand in my pocket as I already had lined up a 1917 18 pdr case (10), 1898 Naval 3Pdr case (but didnt know what it was at the time) (10), a WW2 American steel ammo box (6) and a rather unusual early British 7.62 box!

I expect you'll get a response on the markings from sombody else as I'm no expert on these!

DB/C Markings

While I'm no expert by any means, my guess is that the DB/C stamping stands for Dominion Bridge in Canada. They made 25 pounder cases in both Toronto Ontario and Lachine Quebec.