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British 27x145B


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I'm looking for information about british 27x145B ammunition of the Mauser aircraft-cannon of the TORNADO fighter.

Especially I like to know, if the UK uses the german DM28 TP round and how the shells are marked.

Scans of manuals about this ammo will do the job very fine. Hope, that someone is able to share ...
Pics of the shells and headstamps of british cartridge cases are also welcome.

And if someone has an british cart. case to sell or trade - I'm interested on.

27 MM Components

Hi Defender there are plenty of Practice (TP) rounds available from most dealers as a alarge quantity were sold off recently, if no members come up with anything for you, then let me know and I will pass you on to a man who can help you ! (a dealer, but a fair one!) as he has sold my collection for me.

Good luck in your search for 27 mauser items.


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Hi Chris, thanks for your kind answer and your off. Maybe i'll take - we will see.

Cause I'm able to trade in german 27 mm cartridge cases and belt links for british stuff, if someone is interested.

I know a TP projectile very similar to the one on your third pic. Was it part of the collection you've sold or can you tell me how it is marked?
Stampings of projectiles

Hi Defender, in answer to your questions of projectile markings;-

Yellow HE projectile (trials filled INERT model) is stamped as follows;-
27 6DM 21LOT-300-14 DM 106 6 LOT-16-300-14

Blue target Practice projectile is stamped as follows:-
27G-DM-1315 LOT RG 50-025

Hope this answers your question ?
I did have three of them with the other TP projectile very similarly stamped.
I think the interesting one is the HE painted one as it has the stampings marked right around the circumference whereas I believe all other rounds are stamped in two rows and on only one face of the projectile. Just BTW !