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British 6Pdr 10cwt APCBC Projectile? ID Required...


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I recently acquired a longer than usual 6Pdr APCBC projectile. On examination the projectile measures about 1in longer than the usual 6Pdr 7cwt APCBC type plus it weighs about 400g more. I'm thinking it might be for the 6Pdr 10cwt gun, simply because this weapon used the larger 6Pdr MkX HE projectile. Markings on the side of the projectile read "AP CBC 6LB 4X E V 8 44 /|\". It has a tracer and the ballistic cap is hollow so I'm pretty certain that it is not a "repro". Note also that the ballistic cap has a slightly rounded profile as per the US 57mm AT Gun APC loading. Overall length of the projectile is 273mm. The images show it alongside a 6Pdr 7cwt APCBC shot and a close-up of the stampings forward of the driving band. I'd be interested if someone can provide a more definitive identification please. By the way - The projectile in question has a white tip which is not so obvious in the e-pic making both projectiles look the same size. The black projectile is definately longer!


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