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British 7.62mm Cartridge


BOCN Supporter
Does anyone have any information on what type of British manufactured 7.62mm cartridge this would be?

Thank you.

Hi Edstorey,

Is the tip colour black or purple? And what is the headstamp, please? (Can't see it clearly enough on my monitor!)
Interesting item !

From my very limited knowledge on Small Arms Ammunition I would say the bullet was AP possibly (small visible and tactile knurled ring) made by F.N. Belgium but cannot see what the headstamp is ?
As for the neck being painted I have no idea as this is not what I believe to be the norm.
Any chance of a picture of the headstamp please ?
Best of luck in getting an id for it !

Agree it looks like an FN AP bullet, but the neck marking is certainly not standard British.

Headstamp please.


This is not a British round. LC is Lake City Ordnance Plant in the United States.