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British air to ground 3 inch A/C Rockets (R/P)


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The following rocket motors have been made:
Motor Rocket A/C 3 inch No. 1 Mk I, Mk II, Mk III and Mk IV.
The No. 1 Mk II, Mk III and Mk IV have been renamed No. 5 Mk I, Mk II & Mk III.

The following warheads for the 3 inch aircraft rocket motor have been used:
Shot A.P. 25 lb. Mk I
Shot A.P. 25 lb. Mk II
Shot S.A.P. 25 lb. Mk I
Shell H.E. 60 lb. S.A.P. No. 1 Mk I & No. 2 Mk I
Shell H.E. 60 lb. “F” No. 1 Mk I
Head Rocket Flare Mk 1
Phosphorous R/P
Shell 25 lb. Practice (Concrete) Mk I
Shell 60 lb. Practice (Concrete) Mk I

Head Solid A/S a/c 3 in. No. I Mk I
Shell H.E. 60 lb. S.A.P. No. 2 Mk 3 and Mk 4.
Shell H.E. 60 lb. G.P. (Hollow Charge) No. 1 Mk I
Shell H.E. 60 lb. S/H (Squash Head) No. 1 Mk I
Head H.E. 18 lb. G.P. No. 1 Mk I
Head H.E. 12 lb. G.P.
Head Rocket Flare Mk 2N
Head Practice 12 lb. No. 1 Mk 1.

Container Smoke No.1 Mk I & No. 2 Mk I (attached to the Shell Practice 25 and 60 lb.

Only the first nine are WW-2 productions and the other eight are post-war.
From the phosphorous warhead is little information available. As far as I know these were “field made” by attaching the “Shell Smoke 25 lb. Mk I” from the 5 inch Barrage Rocket “Sea Mattress” to the 3 inch rocket motor. Some UXO’s of these have been found in the Netherlands. These were also named “specials”.
There is not much information about the 12 lb. GP warhead.
The container smoke is also post war.

There also seems to be a Chemical Warhead, maybe some one has more info.
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