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British Army 5.56mm Blanks


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If the standard Blank 5.56mm blank cartridge in British Army use is the L1A2/3, and the grenade launching cartridge is the L1A1 Ballistite blank, does anyone know what this cartrigdge is for, SA No. 1179187 marked R13BK RG 01. Tony.
5.56 blanks

The short answer is no, I do not know. I have also come across these recently and am trying to find out what they are. If I succeed I will post the answer.

BTW, why do you think the L1A1 is a grenade blank? As far as I am aware L1 was allocated to the training blank and the L1A1 was simply the first version, followed by the L1A2 etc.

I do not believe there is a grenade blank for the L85 as a live round is used with a bullet trap grenade. Can one of our grenade collectors confirm please?

the british l60a1 practice rifle grenade was fired with a 5.56 balistite blank but i dont know what markings are on the cartridge.
As a grenade collector of some 30 years i think I might be qualified to anwser that question myself, :tinysmile_shy_t: Yes I agree that L1, 2 etc are training blanks but as Paul said some of the most recent rifle launched grenades in British service were propelled by a ballistite cartridge. The most recent I know of being the L87A1 Inert practice rifle grenade, please see scan of components including cartridge grenade ballistite L1A1. hope this helps, regards, Tony.


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FYI, I have recently found out the the R13BK blank cartridge is in fact a normal blank made at Radway Green for a South African contract. I have also found some info on the Ballistite cartridge, please see seperate post, Tony.
Ive a load of spent blanks in the garage that i got given.I can have a gander through them for info if you want?


Thanks for the offer Waff, but we were only trying to find some info on a particular blank for sale on SA, made by RG with an unusual number on it, I think we have cracked it now. Tony.