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British Assault grenade


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A rubber bodied bursting type assault grenade apparently trialled by British special forces and not adopted, anyone have details ? I would guess by the size of this, it would be flash,bang and CS too ? Tony.
Hi Tony.

This is my first post here so May I start off by saying hello.

Secondly, with respect to this particular grenade, it was manufactured by Astra Pyrotechnics in response to a requirement from the MOD for a distraction device. It was trialled by UKSF but was not adopted for service for reasosn unknown. The rubber body contained multiple flash reports, and did not incoporate any CN/OC/CS. This grenade was in production until circa 1990. The company was wound up in 1992. Is this example one that you have in your collection?

I am currently seeking to obtain one or more of these models, as well as Royal Ordnance G60 stun grenades, and in addition the old Haley & Weller L13A1 rubber bodied stun grenade, pictured here:


Any help anyone can give me would be very greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Hi Gary,
Thanks for the info and welcome to the forum. The item in the pic is in my collection and has a wooden block as an inert filling. I also have some other stun, distraction and anti-riot grenades that you might like to see pics of, and will see if I can dig them out and photograph them when possible.
As I understand it, the L13A1 is an anti-riot CS type bursting grenade filled with pellets, and not really a stun grenade as such ? I do not have that one but do have the L16A1 practice version and also the models for the L1A1 single shot discharger. Manyy thanks, Tony.
It's an excellent example of that model. The CS bursting grenade is the H&W L13A2, which contained (if I remember correctly) 26 CS pellets. The L13A1 contained an unknown number of flash reports along with, I believe, - CS pellets. It too functioned by bursting the rubber body and ejecting both the reports and the CS pellets. It was typical of the time in which it was made for some distraction devices to contain CS. An ex-member of the SAS talked about using such devices during the Iranian Embassy siege.

As for the photos, it would be very nice to see some more examples of your collection.
Hi. Just had a look through a few books and found some info on the L13.
The filling is 23 alluminium cased CS pellets + 1.9 grammes of G40 Gunpowder as a bursting charge.
The only difference between the A1 and A2 is the fuze assembly The A1 has the No3 Mk 1/4 and the A2 has the L125A1 fuze.
see the attached pic of the A2
Cheers Paul.:laugh:
Ever slightly off topic, but this to is a non-lethal grenade (apparently it is a grenade) The 'bolas' grenade. I'm afraid I know little more than that.

And contents

Apparently meant to be fired from a discharger cup. For explanation see [ame="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bolas"]Bolas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@@AMEPARAM@@/wiki/File:Boleadoras.gif" class="image"><img alt="" src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/72/Boleadoras.gif"@@AMEPARAM@@commons/7/72/Boleadoras.gif[/ame]

Tim. G.