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British bomb tail assembly


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Does anyone have a picture (preferably a diagram) of a No.26 Mk.I tail assembly for a 500 lb bomb?

Thanks for any help.
No.26 Mk.I tail

I hope these help.


  • British Bomb Tail No.26 Mk IV (1).jpg
    British Bomb Tail No.26 Mk IV (1).jpg
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  • British Bomb Tail No.26 Mk IV (2).jpg
    British Bomb Tail No.26 Mk IV (2).jpg
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Here a bit more clear drawing.


  • Untitled-1 copy.jpg
    Untitled-1 copy.jpg
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Relic tail

One of my pictures showing a relic No.26 Mk.I tail, which I believe is in the middle.


  • British bomb tails.jpg
    British bomb tails.jpg
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British 500lb tail fin

Hi, I have a complete 500lb bomb complete with tail unit, if you need me take some detailed pics please let me know what areas you are interested in on the fin (I am guessing you need detailed shots of construction etc?).

I also have a tail unit from a 1000lb British bomb which I am willing to swap for a 250lb tail unit, whilst I have a 250lb bomb I do not have the tail which is always the way!


Hello Rockteer,
Any pictures you have of your 250 lb bomb and complete 500 lb bomb would be most welcome. :tinysmile_fatgrin_t
British 500lb tail fin photos


As promised here are some pics of my 500lb British Bomb which I acquired late last year. Also some pics of the tail unit which should further illustrated the plans for the tail unit already posted on this thread. I will follow up with a few pics of a 1000lb tail unit and a 250lb bomb. The 1000lb tail unit is available for a trade.




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    Museum 158.jpg
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