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British grenade boxes

paul the grenade

Well-Known Member
here are some pics of British Full grenade boxes.
Cheers, Paul.


  • mills 36m box.jpg
    mills 36m box.jpg
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  • No 68 gren box.jpg
    No 68 gren box.jpg
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  • No69 gren box.jpg
    No69 gren box.jpg
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  • No 73 gren box.jpg
    No 73 gren box.jpg
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  • No 74 gren box.jpg
    No 74 gren box.jpg
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Nice ones Paul,

any idea where i might get a det tin for a Mills box, no 5, 23 or 36, repro or otherwise?

Thanks Paul,

mine is rather rotted having spent 90 odd years in the ground, one day we both might fine a good un, let's hope so.