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British incendiary bomb Id/info please


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Was kindly given this old photo at pudsey militaria fair today(thank you to the donator)It shows a Raf incendiary bomb with parachute..The reverse as a label attatched .Anyone know what this is or have further information on it ?

Buy all accounts the bomb was not a huge success, first used against Brunswick on the night of 22-23 April 1944 32,256 J bombs (432 tons) were dropped in a 250 plane raid, they were used again in July (Kiel and Stuttgart ) August (Stettin and Konigsberg) September (Kaiserslautern) and finally Nuremberg in October.

Its reported that after the Kaiserslautern raid dud bombs were removed and had the fuel poured into vehicles fuel tanks!

The Air Ministry decided that the J bomb (along with the other 30 lb incendiaries) were inferior to the tried, tested and known effectiveness of the 4 ld incendiary so that after October the remaining J bombs were stockpiled . In total 413,165 were dropped operationally.

The German fuel incendiaries also seem to have been relatively ineffective compared to the 1 kg magnesium bomb.

Excellent picture and infomation Ammodillo.