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Some British L series 120mm projectiles.....

Well here's mine....don't know too much about post WW2 either :). but it looks like the L31/A7, even though the text on it seems to say L37
Was given to me by a generous friend...but not sure what to do with it now tbh ;-)


Can anyone tell me any more about it?

Hello Rich,yours is experimental hence the colour ,the red ring i believe indicates it has a tracer units,HE sub is High explosive substitute,this can be mis-leading there can be a variety of different fillings Wax or even a Low explosive or other ,it does not mean the item is free from explosives unless it is marked otherwise,could you take a picture of the base Richard ,is it flat or does it have a fuze pocket if it has a fuze pocket it will have a small oblong slot
Hi Spotter, the other side of the proj is clearly marked INERT. ...else I'd have given it straight back. Must be the southern softie in me, but I try to only collect AP stuff, so I can sleep at night. ;-)

The base definitely does have quite a large pocket, and from quick examination, seems to be identical to the drawing you posted for version L31/A7. I can see what I think is a yellow felt pad at the bottom

Ill take some more pics and post, good reference if nothing else.

Look forward to the pics Richard as only ones i have are of ones we found at work,pics of both relic and complete rounds are always usefull for identification comparison

Heres another couple of drawings

120mm L1A1 Drill

Hi Spotter, Harry,

Here's the end view of my 120mm.


Another side view to come