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British No 65 signal grenade


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Does anyone have any photos or drawings of the British signal grenade No 65. A Naval store fired from a converted signal pistol. Thanks in advance, Tony.
All I have is this:


I also own a launcher :tinysmile_fatgrin_t


Thanks MS, I think I sent you that coloured drawing. My memory must be going ! Great launcher, never seen one for sale here, if I did it would have to be legally deactivated or on a firearms licence. Tony.
I think your right :tinysmile_fatgrin_t

This is the only launcher that I have seen and the only one for sale.... so I had to pick it up...

Still live as they are not controlled here (flare gun).

I would like to find a dewat launching cartridge and a dewat or replica grenade for it as well.
I have attached a drawing from an old Australian Navy Pam. The store was used in a float signal submerged (the Mk N3 or N3/1) for signaling. Rick Landers' book and Darryl Lynn's book cover it briefly. Rick's book has a better picture of the same diagram I have attached.



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I was wondering if someone possibly got one of these they could take pictures of? I am also looking for the measurements of this as well.

I was wondering if someone possibly got one of these they could take pictures of? I am also looking for the measurements of this as well.



Herewith a No 65 in service livery post-1964. By this time they were solely used by the Royal Navy in Float Submarine Signal for indicating a submarine about to surface or for distress purposes, or recognition. Early (WW2) grenades had bodies made out of steel plate and were longer than the example shown, the body of which is made of aluminium with a plastic cover.

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A few pics of a Float Submarine Submerged, Grenade in my collection. I would love a grenade to go inside ! All empty and inert of course.
An interesting link here, how it works and the different stores used : http://maritime.org/doc/oberon/weapons/part2.htm


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A fairly recent find, a brown plastic storage pot for a No.65 Naval Signal Grenade. Loaded by SPRA in 1977. Label says Red, Green, Yellow, but doesn't seem to specify which. Empty and Inert.


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I also just found a brown plastic container for the No65 Grenade that has a different label. Container is 70mm wide and 90mm high.
Yellow print says:
(R) SERIAL No 0015
1370 - 99 - 963 - 4592

It has an Australian explosive label with 66 code. SQ maker is Brocks. Packed SYD is Sydney. 1988 dated. The lid has a green circle on it.

No 65 Grenade Tin a.jpegNo65 Grenade Tin b.jpegNo 65 Grenade Tin c.jpeg
I found these two at a local swap meet. Almost fell over when I saw the labels. Sorry for the crappy photos........


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