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British no 7 mk1 switch

Hi to everyone I'm new to this forum thing and wondering if anyone could help this is a great looking forum and full of interesting items . Right were do I start I've just bought a no 7 mk1 switch from a Carboot sale this weekend and was wondering if anyone had any information on it . I only know it's a no 7 mk1 by looking on the net but can't find anything else out about it. It's use /rare or common any help would be really great thanks in advance for any info cheers Richard
Cheers for the info I see at the bottom is said in 1943 they were to be smashed up so does that mean there's not many around this is the first one I've seen then again I hadn't really been looking before thanks again Richard
Thanks I know value isn't the prime concern why we collect these items but does anyone know what it's worth? Thanks Richard
Hi just another question if i may sorry to keep harping on about one item it has a ink stamp on the top between the two terminals any idea what it is its a kings crown with R208 under it cheers again Rich
Don't worry about harping on, its what this site is about. Just have to be a little paitent and you will be supprised what turns up. Sorry i can't help you on this one but Bonnex has answered a few questions relating to a similar topic.
Switch No 7 - R208

It is typical of an inspectors mark but I cannot say for sure. The switch was a result of Royal Engineer interest rather than the clandestine organisations MD1 and ES6 which accounted for the others (Nos 1 through 14) through the war.

The No 7 came into service in 1941 and was, as Richard observed, problematic. The Switch was modified to improve safety (hence the star on the body of the example).
Thanks for the answer I was wondering about the star are there many left do you know or are they really common cheers Richard
Switch No 7

Thanks for the answer I was wondering about the star are there many left do you know or are they really common cheers Richard

I have seen say 30 or so, over the years. Quite a few survived in specimen collections that the services ran for ammunition technical/EOD purposes. Because it wasn't an ammunition item in that it did not need to be stored under magazine regulations I expect quite a few escaped from the stores and when they were scrapped. Perhaps 'uncommon' would be appropriate.