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British shell case manufacturer S&S - Who were they?


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Does anyone know which company used the maker's mark "S&S"? I have an example of it on a British 2 Pounder No.2 Anti-Tank case. I have also seen it on a standard (trench-arted so I didn't buy it) 2 Pounder AA case.

Thanks in advance for any info
S & s

Two options:

S.Smith & Sons (Motor Accessories) London Ltd. WWI
Deakins (Silversmiths), Sheffield. WW2

I think we can be fairly certain it will be the latter as they are shown as making cases and your round is WW2!

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Cheers Tony, if the name of the Company in Sheffield was Deakins Silversmiths, what does "S&S" actually stand for?

Deakins (Silversmiths)
Sidney Works,
Matilda Street,
'phone: Sheffield 23143
T/a: "Sidney, Sheffield"

One of the previous titles of the company was 'James Deakin & Sons' In about 1936 the company changed its name to 'Sidney Silversmiths' also Sidney was subsequently spelt 'Sydney'. I suspect that the monogram may be a play on Deakins & Sons, or similar. A lot of monograms defy logic.


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Thanks for the responses everyone. I suppose if the monogram D&S was already allocated to another company then S&S could have been used.

D & S was the monogram of Davidson & Stewart of Edinburgh. However, the use of a monogram by one company would not preclude the use by another. There are countless instances of companies sharing the same monogram. A quick search reveals that a minimum of eight different establishments had 'W' as a monogram and to complicate matters further some of the companies were possibly producing similar items.