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British Shell Case primers


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Does anyone have a list of British shell case primers?

I am interested in all of the types of primer with the small two slot screw-in base as used on cases such as 2 Pounder and 40mm Bofors. I am also interested in a list of all the primers using the size of two-slot screw-in base as used on the 25 Pounder case.

I know there were many different lengths and sizes of flash tube, but they all had the same sized base with the tool slots on for screwing in the primer.

Thought someone could have come up with an official list perhaps there isn't one about. I've got a hand written list of numbers and against them what case I've seen the primer in there are some big gaps though so maybe no primer existed for those numbers. Can type it up and post it if its any help, maybe some one can fill in some of the spaces or add numbers they have.
Missing links.

Hi 2 pounder I would love to see that list as it is one of my pet hates not having what is essentially basic information on our shell cases and methods of initiation.
Perhaps we can all look at our cases and add to your list to fill in some of the missing links.
primer numbers

when I started to get interested in cases etc, many years ago, I found little info so started making notes of the markings on every case I saw (trainspotting for cartridge collectors) I dont do that now as I found a lot of repeats. However looking back here is a list of what info I got. Two things, it is not perfect as I know people put primers in cases to fill holes that may not be the correct one and please if anyone can add to the info please post it or private me so the list can be updated and we all benifit.


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primers 2

sorry if it looks messy but had to convert an xls file to txt, in future will lay it out as txt
Thanks for the list. I would be interested to know which of these have the same diameter and configuration of tool holes as the No. 12 and No. 1 primers.
Thanks for the photo of the Red Queen primer. If by slim chance I ever find a loose one, I'm selling to the highest bidder.
primers size

primers no. 1,2,9,14, have two notches and flange dia of 1.4ins
primers no. 5,7,27 as above but dia 0.8ins
primers no. 15,20,32,38 as above but 1.1ins dia
primers no.18 has 3 notches and 33mm flange (Bofors primer mkI,II cases)
RQ primers are DL which development ones.
as to the threads they are all machine cut typically on a capstan lathe so any pitch and dia was chosen to suit the requirements, my guess would be that a few taps and dies existed at manufacturers to ease any undersize/oversize threads to salvage reject cases or primers, chances of finding one slim but I do lookout for them.
Hi, here's a photo of the primer for the Vickers 25.4x189 and a photo of the round.


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british case primers

New one for the list:
No.16 like a No.27 but poor performance at low temperature.