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british smoke grenade for mortar


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I would like to see some ww2 sample of smoke grenades for mortar and also some pics of the different mortar rounds and colour table.
thanks in advance !
Thank you Spotter! I assume that once fired, they are harmless. They are quite common finds over here, but I want to make sure that there are no surprises amongst these familiar tube shaped rounds. British EOD cleaned all the fields from any live or dangerous stuff at the time, but the spent smoke rounds are still there. Don't want to report them creating alarm for nothing.
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2 Inch Mortar Rounds

Hope this helps left to right ,HE ,Smoke,Early Para Illum , Post War Para Ilum,Drill and Dummy/Training round regards Dave


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Thank you Dave! Today I found one with the body painted in green,although the tone is different from the 2nd you posted. But it looks identical.


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The round you are showing in your last picture is a 2inch smoke round which emits the smoke from its base,,,I would call in the authoritys ,,if this area has been cleared nothing like this should still be lying around expended or not,you never know what else is there
ref asking if that once fired they are safe.....answer is NO this cannot be assumed,and any ordnance found should be treated as live and left well alone untill the relevent authoritys have checked it
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Hi spotter, I'll take your suggestion and report it anyway. The place is in the deep woods and not easy to access, I did not have to dig it, it was near a crashed building,probably left there. I searched the area, but no other rounds.Not even the usual blank .303's.
If you mean the red circled metall lip?
It is meant to be used for shooting lines, the smoke will indicate the location.


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Dave, the training mortar on the far right, exactly the same as one I have just got hold of. I waas wondering why it has a red band on it, I know earlier ones just had the yellow band. Is this just a change in markings or some kind of location charge? I have no idea.
Here is another I purchased recently. Can anyone tell me what type this is please? I have no idea on mortar markings etc so any help would be great.


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I have got one of these, looks in good condition. It's a proof round of sorts, took me ages to find out that P of TU means "proof of tube" as in the weapon itself. HES stands for high explosive substitute. Inert body and fuse, only cartridge would be live for firing. Mortars are not my speciality, but if I'm wrong i'm sure someone will correct me. Tony.
Since its a nice Saturday afternoon here in the UK i thought i would get my 2" mortar bits out for a few pics . The mortar is a Mk 8*,dated 1943, cleaning kit in pouch ,box B 167 ,repro carrier and various bombs , regards Dave


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Nice items.

And very nice too Big Dave !

Nice to see all of the kit instead of just the "business end".
Thanks for showing us.