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British Smoke Grenade - What Model?


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I have had this for awhile and have lost any documentation that I had on it.... Anyone know what model it is? It resembles the L50 series and has had the plastic retaining strap removed. Violet is not listed as one of the available colors...


Grenade Hand
Sig Smoke
SQ 10/89 002


Fuze marked :

SQ (on top)
PMD 89

Unless it has a number prefixed with an L then it is not a military smoke gren. SQ is the manufacturer Brocks Fireworks in SANDQUHAR, SCOTLAND.
So it could be a civilian smoke for signaling.
Boats carry a selection of Smoke grens and Signal flares so it could be one of these.
Cheers, Paul.
Thanks guys...

Paul.... I was thinking the same thing.... Civilian smoke.... I am sure Brocks Fireworks also made civilian stuff as well.

The smoke is very similar to the L50's series but this one has no military "markings" and violet is not one of the "listed" colors.