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British Tail Pistol No.28 Mk III


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I'm just wondering if this is a souvenired piece from a wartime factory. It has an unthreaded spindle hole on the inside. There is no cross hatching around the main body and no threading for it to screw into anything. An unfinished piece.

Just wondering if any collectors have seen similar items.


Hi Invest
Yes it could have been 'rescued' from a factory (I don't know if No 28s were made in your neck of the woods, but would be interested to find out), or that it's some sort of fuze pocket plug (British bombs were delivered to user units with the Pistols already fitted - all the Armourers had to do was remove them, insert a detonator and then re-fit). In this one the lack of external threads suggests that it's part-made. The No 28 didn't have any internal spindle thread.
I like your photos in other posts....
Hello Eodda,

Thank you for the feedback :)

This pistol was purchased from the UK.
I don't think any of the Aussie ordnance factories manufactured this type of bomb pistol during the war. All other bomb pistols and fuzes I've seen here in Aussie are UK produced.

I like to share my pics, just like other members do :laugh:


Hi Fuzeman,
I agree with Mad its a very nice sectioned No.28 tail pistol.
Thanks for sharing it with us :laugh:
eodda wrote:

I don't know if No 28s were made in your neck of the woods, but would be interested to find out.

Hi Eodda,

I have been doing a little research and have found out, so far, that the No.28 and No.30 aircraft bomb pistols were also produced here in Australia by E.R.L. Products Pty Ltd, Glebe, Sydney. The two pistols I have identified are in Aussie collections. The reference book title is "Australia in the War 1939-45, Series Four CIVIL, Volume V The Role of Science and Industry", by D.P.Mellor, 1958, page 50.


Invest :)