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British WW1 9.45" Trench Mortar "Flying Pig "

Big Dave

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Had this tail a long time ,thoughts ranged from a side table(wife wasn't to keen ) ,to a barbecue (still not keen).So it's a new front end and a lot of filler


  • 20191110_111011.jpg
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Stage 1 a new nose,plywood ,Kingspan insulation and 3 threaded rods to hold it all together


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Bit of a sad job for me to do but am giving it my best,
Sarah, Daves wife has very kindly given me a few unfinished projects of Daves including the 9.45. Its going to be a long term project but have made a start on it.
I still need to get the lower section sandblasted before i can think about fibre glassing or whatever over the kingspan form.
I will update when ive made more progress on this.
This is what ive done so far .