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British WW1 fuze


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I got these from the car boot when i was about 15 (ages ago) i remember i payed 1.50 each for 3, i know there from shells and some of the markings, but would like to know more about them what are they off and for ? this one is British, the markings are, some are not clear, 1377, o 181 D.W.C, it has hit something as there is scrape marks down one side, any help will be good, pictures are always good to, thanks


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school trip

I bought one of these from Sanctury Wood on a school trip, mine also had the burst magazine like yours. I was 13 at the time and it certainly caused a stir when we got to the port to come home.

I'm planning to take my kids when they are a bit older. I have a few No.80 IVs as well