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British WW2 No 79 Smoke Grenade


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Hi Guys, here are a few pictures of a British WW2 No 79 smoke grenade from my collection. They are uncommon and were developed asa a safer option to the No 77
WP smoke grenade more commonly found. Primarily carried by airborne troops and vehicle crews, they did not contain WP, but a smoke mixture. The last pic shows the No 79 next to a No 77 for comparison. Tony.
If you didnt know

No. 79, the casing for this was made by E.C. Barlow & Sons (5MB) who were part of the Metal Box Company. The Barlow factory was in Urswick Road, Hackney, London. The grenade appears to have been filled at RY which was the Royal Ordnance Factory Risley, situated in Warrington, Cheshire.

The 77 was filled by the Electric Reduction Company, Buckingham Canada (ER/C). They were/are a phosphorus manufacturing company and the Canadian subsidiary of Albright & Wilson.

Tim. G.
Thanks Tim, I knew that the 77 was canadian and seem to remember the name, but I did not know the details on the 79. Many thanks fot that. Did you ever manage to find the picture of your No 1 grenade ? regards, Tony.
Very nice, wish I had one. Congratulations on a nice piece for your collection, they are hard to find.