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Brock Hand Incendiary Flare


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I have a photocopy of an original tech drawing and description for the Brock hand incendiary flare, hope the pic is big enough to make out the text. This is what the description says : can be used alone or in conjunction with the tyesule parafin.This store is also known asML flares or 1lb incendiaries. Marking; the outside of the flare is painted with a blackwaterproof paint. Manufacturers batch No. is marked in white on the case. Packing; 6 flares in awaterproof sack, the end of the sack is folded down and secured with adhesive tape.
Storage; group XI cat Y. Inspection should be carried out to ensure that the storesare in good cond and free from damp.
Proof will be carried out to test the following A.resistance to moisture, B.satisfactory ignition, C. burning time within specified limits D. silence.
Aparently these flares were designed to be used by the SOE etc for sabotage missions etc. Anyone know more ? Tony.
Re-sized picture !