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Busy weekends ahead


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Had a tidy in the shed today found allsorts of stuff to tidy up,and some projects to finish,,looks like some busy weekends ahead


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Never thought of that waff but its not for sale (nowt worth selling) especially the 25lber in the background thats already spoken for..
still searching for a genuine head for the stick grenade thats there tho, semi relic but not holey prefered if anyone can help
Dont give up on the grenade head matey.Im sure i will find you one at Beltring.I will be doing a lot of hunting for you boys as i wont be spending that much this year(he says!).
As for the other stuff,never forget that someone,somewhere always wants a missing part or just a curio.
Have faith pal.


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cancel the grenade head im collecting one at beltring from a fellow member..Thank you
Nice gear

Hi Spotter, well I for one would not mind the key to your "Shed" even though I have given up nthe collection-you have some very interesting gear there!
hey dont forget me spotter i like your junk aswell ?:tinysmile_shy_t::thrasher:
i put some of it on site to see if anyone was interested but nobody seemed to want it,so a lot of it has been binned now,ill have a look next week if i finish work early enough and see whats left
nobody wants to jump on your stuff to quickley because you will thing its worth something then you will put the price up psychologie mate???
:xd: armystuff.
so thats the reputation i have ? always thought i went out of my way to help people and didnt profit from fellow members
i sure im in malta that week guys ??:xd:
PS some disabillity convention .
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hi :xd:
i noticed waff used the term plural rather than singular as in we dose that mean old spott is tagging along on the trip??
He will if you stop giving the poor lad grief in this thread!
A good lad is our Spott on deals.


good lad i thought i could smell a rat. that comment about his phone number did the trick he will know what i mean psychologie ??
i will hide the good stuff .
good old spotter .
cheers armystuff. :driver:(see you soon)