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Ammunition boxes stowed on the rear of a Ford F60B

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Size: Length 20.6" Breadth 17.75" Depth 10.45"
Empty Weight not known

Used for:

40mm QF Guns HE in containers (24 Rounds in 24 Cardboard Tubes)
Number Packed: 24
Gross weight: 162 lbs

Number Packed: 24
Gross weight: 165 lb​
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Nice items.

Very nice items LCplCombat !

You really do not see that many tubes around these days either.

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
Full box of 24 @3 each plus one inert round. You can just see the base of the round in the closest tube.
Restored C219s

I spent a lot of time researching these markings. Any comments, anybody?


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C219s on vehicle

I couldn't resist posting this! 1943 Morris-Commercial C9B Self-propelled Bofors gun. Complete with C219 ammunition boxes!

It's painted in the markings of the 15th LAA Regt., R.A. - the Manx Regiment, which is the highest-scoring LAA unit of the British Army.


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    Morris-Commercial C9B.jpg
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C219 markings

Here are clear photos of the side and the end. No markings on the top, as far as I know. The B number is the batch number. I've used a typical number from around 1944-45.


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    Bofors box side.jpg
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Spot on Ivor, just the job.

The only observation I would make is about the breaks in the letters where the inner parts of the loops etc form in the stencil. I don't remember seeing any British boxes marked in this way. Do you have a reference showing this or have I just heard you say Doh! :tinysmile_shutup_t2 I spoke to a chap at the weekend and he suggested that the "bars" were so thin that the gaps were filled in by overspray.
This is the clearest wartime photo that I've found. It's even in colour! I based my stencils on this.

Preston Isaacs, Chairman of the Military Vehicle Trust, has a Morris C9/B which has several C219s fitted and they are all stencilled in this way. I am fairly certain that they are original.


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    1943 Bofors ammo box.jpg
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Ive been racking my brain trying to remember which thread we were talking about stencils. I've since found out that if the stencils were applied by machine then the bars making up the letters were so thin that when sprayed the bars were filled in mking them look like the letters were printed. If the stencils were applied by hand then the bars had to be larger which left the gap in the letter.