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Ordnance approved
This section is looking a little bare so i thought I would add my meager little collection.


Front view. No markings painted on the box at all. It has been repainted a few times as there is paint flaking showing paint underneath and bare metal. There were located in a scrap metal merchants yard and have been sitting for quite a while.

On the lid are some stamped markings: ECC C238 Mk2 SV57A 1966

The box is 26" x 10" x 10"



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Another good item,i like most things militaria related.
I found some similar to these in a scrapyard a few years ago,gawd knows what i ended up doing with them?:tinysmile_cry_t4:


ammo boxes

hi there
in a place near carlisle called armylongtown there is a huge military storage area, the local scrap man buys these boxes in bulk
you can buy four diffrent sizes from 3.00 to 6.00 each the latter is lockable they also have polystyreen moulds to stop the plastic tubes moving in the ammo box these have original fastner straps and paper work to state the crate is free of live ammo
regards armystuff
It's not breaching opsec to say this is BAD Longtown. You can imagine how miffed the locals got when the Red Bordered roadsigns went up. They now read "Army Longtown" :) However it is now run entirely by civvies and there is no military presence there at all now.

The scrappie you refer to is the self same chap that I bought these from.

I got chatting to one of the guys when I first enquired about obtaining ammo boxes. Almost the first question out of his mouth was "Was I SAS"! god knows why. So after I wandered around and found some 7.62 and 5.56 SAA boxes, he told me they were 10 each. I put down 2 of the common or garden brown ones and gave him 20 for the other 2 that had names etc on the outside. Small ones are much more in demand apparently. He was gutted when I opened the two that I kept and pulled out of each of them an FFE (Free From Explosive) certificate signed by a trooper from some regiment or other located in Hereford. Well worth the extra expense I thought. He wanted to keep the FFE :)
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Thats a bit naughty wanting to keep the FFE certs,,if you ever see him selling ammo with FFE certs keep well away from him..dodgy
ammo box

:tinysmile_shy_t: next time take crutches i got mine cheaper /?
i got two just back from iraq with origional canves cover and lock with key inside .
stops the wife seeing my new goodies :tinysmile_shy_t:
Thats a bit naughty wanting to keep the FFE certs,,if you ever see him selling ammo with FFE certs keep well away from him..dodgy

No, it was the Hereford connection that he wanted them. I think he is enomaoured of the regiment for some reason. He "knows" lots of ex troopers:p