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C47 shell


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Another recent acquisition is this 47mm Belgium 47mm Anti Tank shell by Fabrique Nationale dArmes de Guerre, Herstal, Belguim. I was told that it resembles a C.47 L/33 which would indicates a barrel length of 1551mm. Is this correct? It was also suggested that it has what looks like an electric primer and therefore used in a tank.

Can anyone confirm these details and tell me what type of artillery would have used this shell. My first thoughts were possibly the 47mm Bhler anti-tank gun but Im now not sure at all.

Anyone help with this please.



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Yes it's a Belgian C-47 SA-FRC antitank gun's case.
(Canon de 47mm anti-char Fonderie Royale de Canons modele 1931)

What type of powder was used in the APC shell of the C47? Sticks (? x long?), either strips of powder. What colour are they. This info would enable me to finish a cutaway model of this shell.

Thanks in advance, regards , DJH