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can any body help me with I.D???? B.B.C


i have found a round casing with the marking B.B.C. - 1942 - 20mm.

i find quite a few ww2 period shells but have never come across these initials.

can anyone please help me?????


i have found it. ....................... long way from home!

BBC Bridgeport Brass Co., Bridgeport, Conn., USA, on .50 Browning High Velocity experimental and 20mm Hispano-Suiza carts

but why in southport merseyside???????? can anybody help???
I know that BBC on Mills grenades is the British Bath Company, but I'm not sure about any other items. Tim G is the Man for British Manufacturers. During WW2, the USA supplied the UK with all sorts of goodies including ammunition, so your original info is probably correct. Tony.
Without actually seeing the headstamp it is difficult to say as BBC could be, as you say Bridgeport Brass Company. However, a major manufacturer of 20mm in the UK was the Barking Brassware Company Ltd.


Tim. G.