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Can you identify this please


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This was found in the River Ouse at St Ives Cambridgeshire next to the bridge on Saturday 15th Aug.

In the photo you can see what I guess is the business end. It is approximately 5" long, 3" in diameter, pineappled on the outside.

Overall the item was 15" long with a tube shaft from the business end leading to some fins, only two remained onthe item.


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yes thats right

yes it should be an german ''Taube '' mortar M16 round !!
WW1 !!

regards David
here are one pic of this mortar round !!

Here are one pic of this german mortar round !!

Maybe after the war the there was a lot of droping remaining waepons and amo into the seas and rivers may because of this this round was laying in the river !!

best regards David


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Strange that German munitions would end up in a town in Cambridgeshire, not that it floats!!

It was most likely a souvenir bought back by a soldier. Either they or someone who found it between WW1 and now decided that they wanted to get rid of it by throwing it in the river.
Look there, There is mortar ar mortar bomb too.
Photo from Latvian War museum.


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