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canon balls

Hi Mad great to see thats quite a haul you have there. are they all solid shot ?
Best Weasel.
Here a few more pics. :xd: They are al solid what i cane see


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It whas in Greece where i saw them in a old fort. :xd:


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Canon Ball

However, something to cheer us up!

My find at flea market (no not a flea ball)!! (too big)

3.5" dia. havn't weighed it yet. Has brass stud in base holding wood to ball.

Enjoy, regards Ozzi.


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Black Powder Ordnance;

Hi Jack,
Nice photos, being locked up I guess you could not determine if they were explosive loaded and mean diameter.
I would really like to see more English projectiles and fzes of the 1860s and 70s on this illustrous Forum.
For members interested, I am attaching a Federal 3 Inch Parrott Case Shot(shrapnel) using an unusual black powder burster can.
John aka Bart
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Spherical Shot;

Hi Ozzi,
That is a very fine specimen, apparently it is a solid shot? No entry holes?
The weight should be stamped on wooden sabot. Great find.
John aka Bart
Here's the oldest ordnance in my collection
- 2.5 pound cannon ball
- 5 mini-balls from a Snider-Enfield

All originally found in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario Canada.
...a few relics from the War of 1812


  • 1812 2.5 Pr Cannon Ball (1).jpg
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And I thought I was lucky finding 4 cannonballs in the past 2 years!

Canonball has shown us a very interesting photo, the 3 1/2 inch ball is on a wooden sabot...most ammo carried in the cassons had the balls attached to a wooden sabot...with the powder bags tied to them..the whole unit went down the barrel of the cannon..this was not always the case...but it usually was..tha casson would also carry loose cannonballs and extra bags of powder...the sabot helped to stop the expanding gasses from going around the ball, which would give it less range, hitting power and accuracy.

If you look at my avatar you will see a fixed round which is the 6 pound ball, the wooden sabot and the powder bag attached.

When I watch films and see guys pouring powder down the barrel of a cannon, then the ball just rolling to the breach...it makes me crazy.
Also in my avatar you can see some of the cannonballs sitting on wooden "cones" these are repro sabots that can be bought in the US..each size ball has it's own size sabot..and depending on the type of gun, the sabots themselves can be differant shapes.

As a rule, the sabots were held onto the ball with thin metal straps..I have never seen one held on by a brass stud before

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