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Case length,deciding factor.


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Hello All,On the back row of my hopefully one day extensive ammo collection I have a central Hotchkiss 3pdr (47x376R)On either side of this,up to now,I have L60 AP/T Bofors (40X311R),2pdr AP (40X304R)
I would like to add further pairs of rounds with gradually decreasing case
length,they need to be brass and preferably pre 1945.As possibles,so far,I
have noted French Hotchkiss M1925 naval AA (37X277R) Russian M1939 AA
(37X250R) and US M3 A/T and M5/6 AFV (37X223R).Any other suggestions
would be most welcome,availability will perhaps be an issue with some of them,and I do hope to also add different projectile types of the same rounds where possible.I am debating adding L70 Bofors,so pre 1945 is simply a preference,and I do plan to gradually work my way down to Rarden dimensions.
Hi, it sounds like a good idea until you find something that there is only 1 of - what then? Keep in mind that as you collect more rounds you may well have problems of storage space (many of us do!!) and if you are doubling up on your rounds then you'll have twice the problem - see attached photos, that's just the top shelf!!



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Dave, surely there's a middle and bottom shelf as well? :tinysmile_fatgrin_t
The other shelves.

Yes but then I ran out of space.........so there's all the stuff in boxes too, and upstairs, and.........!!!!!!!Mmmmmmmmm must have a clear out.



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Sorry Chris, didn't mean to hijack you thread on this, just making a point about space - go for it, its a fab idea!
Oh,Yes!!! I have a long way to go,but sadly I may well run out of "dosh" before I run out of space.I've got a mantlepiece just over 9 feet long,wide
enough for 3 rows if I stick below 40mm,that'll have to do for starters!!!!
Any round that I can only find one of will have to be the centrepiece of a different collection somewhere else.I do have all of the hearth under the
mantlepiece which is sparsely occupied with various larger rounds.The
centrepiece down there will have to be the 4.5" Naval,if I ever find a case for the projectile.I certainly don't want a pair of those,I probably wouldn't
be able to carry what would need to go between them!!!!