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ceramic No 36 ?


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What is this about ?



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These items were quite common. Yes they were used as practice cos it would be a bit difficult to throw a real item in a drill hall!
No idea if its throwing practice ,but it seams a very detailed copy to throw and smash
I think it is just an ornament cast from an original. A ceramic practice gren wouldnt last more than a few throws before breaking. Also if you look hard it is the centre cast mills which had the horiontal grooves machined in after casting. the only way this ceramic gren could have been made is in a rubber mould as it could not have been removed without damage if it was a solid mould. Theres a lot of air bubbles as well showing it was cast without a lot of care.
Cheers, Paul.
Another thought. The production time for making ceramics is very high. Moulding, drying, firing in the kiln etc.
Much cheaper and faster to cast iron ones.