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Chieftain Tank


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Cheiftain Tank Otterburn,,Tank named as Dinaken


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So what does the farmer do when he wants to bring them in for shearing? Does he have to walk across the range and hope for the best?
stick her rear legs in your wellies and get close to a cliff-they push back harder!!!!:tinysmile_shy_t:
Any way what I ment to say was,that is a nice tank,do you know where I could get one for my goldfish?:crossedlips:
Are there sheep roaming loose on the ranges?

we got Kanga-bloody-roos by the squillion roaming across Puckapunyal Army Base (Victoria) they culled at least 40,000 a few years back but they've bred up again..............

used to make for interesting Range days as the roos didn't take a blind bit of notice of the Red Flags..........:ahhhhh: