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Chinese Translation


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Does anyone have a good Chinese translation and markings manual? I don't really have anything decent.

I work with a Chinese LTC, what do you need translated?
Does anyone have a good Chinese translation and markings manual? I don't really have anything decent.

The old DIA small arms identification handbook has a good section on Chinese small arms identification, and their old PLA Handbook is also available for downloading from their website. They had a lot of markings info.

For translation, I use the Times Chinese to English dictionary printed in Singapore as it contains a lot of technical and scientific terms. There are also a couple of excellent free on-line translation websites as well, and I am not referring to Google. I'm happy to do minor translations free on a quid pro quo basis.

As far as I know there isn't an authoritive guide in English. What are you after? Perhaps the next edition of my hand book on the PLA should include a section on markings. I have made a compilation of my small arms ammunition, mortar bombs and hand grenades data taken from Chinese language sources. I can send you that if you wish.

nothing specific

There is noting specific I am looking for. I found the Japanese translation manual on here, and one of the guys I work with wanted to see if there was a Chinese version.

Thats all, but thanks for looking.

Looks like I have found what I will add to the third edition of How the PLA Fights: Weapons and Tactics of the People's Liberation Army.

I guess I will start with the DIA Small Arms Identification Manual and go from there. The banning of Chinese military imports into the United States has not helped the study of Chinese ammunitio. Collectorint (Collector intelligence) has assisted the study of foreign weapons and equipment for decades.

There are a lot of Internet 'experten' on Chinese equipment and nomneclature, especially patches. Unfortunately many don't realise a photograph doesn't mean that a piece of equipment is in service or taht a patch is real. Many countries change the observable serial numbers on their aircraft to confuse the numbers held, modification and or purpose of the aircraft involved.

If anyone has a request just ask. I promise to do my best.