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Collection 10,5 cm


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Ordnance approved
Here are some more pictures. 10 and 10,5 cm projectiles, fieldgun and AA rounds. for any information please ask me. Ben


  • 10.5 cm Field.jpg
    10.5 cm Field.jpg
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  • 10.5 cm FLAK.jpg
    10.5 cm FLAK.jpg
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Cheers Ben,

Do i also see acouple of FLaK41 cases there mate?

Im told that the proj for those are the `Boat-Tailed` variety?

Also,i got the PM and appreciate it very much!:tinysmile_twink_t:

Oops!,silly me!

That will teach me to speed-read the posts again!

Nevertheless,they are some great pictures.
Always good to see the german stuff!


Hello Ben
It must be hard to remember all the stuff you have. It would be a big job just to catalog it all.

What 3.7cm Pak items have you got?

ps Did you see my question about your stielgranates?

Hi Ben
Just to bump this thread as a quick reminder if you ever get time to post the 3.7cm Pak stuff it would be much appreciated.