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Color for this german WW1 Projektile


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Hello i have two of this german WW1 projektiles left side and second from left hand side one of them i would restore an paint new can anyone help me out with the correct color !
once i herd there are original blue in color but i am not sure is it right or wrong !!

thanks best regards David


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no touchee

David old buddy, I like them just the way they are. Stately looking. In the eye of the beholder. By the way Dave what projectiles are these I embarassingly ask you. Your collection is one of the best assemblage of WWI German shells i've seen to date.....Always..Dano
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The color of the 9 cm Schrapnell 91 was blue. I think it was the same type of blue as they used for the 7,7 cm and other shrapnel shells. After seeing examples of originally painted shells I found out, that the Revell color "Blau, matt, Nr. 56" mostly matches the original color.