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Complete at last....French 75 repaint


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Purely a post to show off a bit really, so apologies in advance!

Just completed my first painted and stencilled shell, and as mentioned in previous posts, not something I'd embark on, but this shell was a prime candidate, no nasty filler, but used as 'Trench art' (surprisingly not damaged in any way).
Endless mixing of paints, and four attempts at a decent paint job later, the stencils are done. Stencill's I feel are perhaps too sharp and crisp, and probably not the correct font, but I'm being picky. I'm pleased with it as a first (and probably last) attempt. Hopefully as time passes, it'll look more 'scruffy'.
Many thanks to all those members who provided hints and tips.

You are both too kind...
Thank you for the kind comments, much appreciated. I'm sure your examples are just as pleasing to the eye!
Thanks again.
Thank you ydnum303, much appreciated.

I used a small turntable ring (known as a lazy susan and used for icing cakes) to spin the shell slowly as I brush painted it. It gives a nice brushed finish without looking too perfect.
Trawled online for 'suitable' stencils which were cut into thin flexible acetate, so ideal for curved surfaces. Then it was a case of working out the letter spacing and applying the stencils using a permanent Black Fine nib Sharpie, outline first then infilling after removing stencil template (prevents 'bleeding' of ink).
Ideally, would have loved to have stamped the stencil on using original war time stamps, but finding these is probably nigh on impossible....!

Thanks again.
Many thanks Richard!
I thought I'd call it a day there with the shell painting lark, but a 17cm MW could be the next guinea pig.
(Providing I can find enough info regarding paint colours, stencil images, font types, etc). Watch this space....

HAZORD: Thank you very much sir! Appreciate the comments.
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