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Croatian 120 mm mortar shell with cluster bomblets


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I red in croatian military magazine 12 years ago an article about croatian military industry.In that article it was mentioned that Croatia developed 120 mm mortar shell filled with cluster bomblets.I was googled for months and I didn't find any other info about this mortar shell with cluster bomblets.In the same article it was mentioned that the cluster mortar shell had been totaly produced in Croatia during war and that it had filling of 23 cluster bomblets,also croatian made.The article said that this shell had electronical timer on it's top,so that timing of activation was made manually at the field.
One of my friends found that photo of sectioned croatian mortar shell filled with cluster bomblets:

I heard that it was called M-93 cluster mortar shell.
Do any of you have any other info or pics about this mortar shell with cluster filling?
Also do any of you know what kind of bomblets were it's filling?
I am pretty sure that they weren't ex-yugoslavian KB-1.
Hi Goran,
The only references to 120mm Submunition mortar's i can find are the 120mm "Espin" Spanish round with 21 submunitions, The 120mm MAT120 with 21 37mm submunitions and the M971 (CL3144) ICM round with 24 dual purpose (anti personnel/anti armour) submunitions. The only thing that coresponds with the M93 prefix you gave is the MTSQ 93 fuze for ejection type motars.
Best Weasel.
When I was in bosnia we found a fired tail piece of these mortar. The tail could contain 3 submuntions also but the one we found was empty. Perhaps nice to know, it was somewhere between donji vakuf and jacje. I will look if I can find photos of it.
regards Blu.
Hi Goran.
We didn't find any submunition at that spot but looking at the photo it looks like the KB-2. As promissed some pictures of the tailunit, perhaps do you know wich factory is tsd?.


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perhaps do you know wich factory is tsd?.
TSD is I think "Tvornica strojnih dijelova",that in english means "Factory for making machine parts"...and it is located in Velika Gorica,a small city near croatian capital Zagreb.
I am planning to make a replica model of that mortar shell from aluminium and wooden parts,so I need external dimensions,could you please give me a measurments in milimeters for it's tale unit?
Sorry for my late reply.
That is what I have on the KB-2

Data sheet
Length: 82
Diameter: 40
Total weight: 250g

Nature: Metal.
Form: Cylindrical.

Type: Charge filed.
Nature: hexogen.
Weight: 35 gr.

Marking Paint
Body: Silver.
Marking: Black or yellow.

Setting fire rocket into impact.

Stabilization system: Tresse.

Container: 262 mm Rocket. Orkan.
Rocket 128 mm.
Mortar KM-120 MM M 93


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Tail of a 120mm mortar with two KB-2


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Thanks for great pics!!!
So KB-2 is for sure croatian made.
Do you have the dimensions of the M-93 mortar shell,that one with the timer fuze on the top?
I would like to make a model replica so I need the dimensions.
There is a Spanish version that was being used (someone referenced it above) but the submunition loaded inside it is different than the KB-2 in the fact that the fuze on the submunition is plastic and it is roll crimped onto the top of the submunition as opposed to the KB-2 which is metal and attached with 2 screws.

I'll have to dig to see if I can find the info I had on it but I know that I saw it in 1994 in Croatia at the ASP explosion outside of Zagreb.
Here are some pics of the nose cone and submunition from the Spanish MAT120 for comparison. I haven't come across the Croatian version in person, so I can't really comment on similarities.


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