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Cutaway cored German 4.2cm squeezebore


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Just a few photos of my latest addition a sectioned 4.2cm squeezebore projectile...........Stoneleigh was well worth visiting.


  • 4,2cm 1.JPG
    4,2cm 1.JPG
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    4,2cm 2.jpg
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    4,2cm 4.JPG
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Thanks PC, yes it is nice but I agree, what a shame to cut it. At least we can see what's inside.
Nice pick up Dave,i dont recall seeing that one at the show?
was it an expensive piece?


Thanks Waff, Hummmmmm yes it was quite expensive but I think it was worth it.
Another one!!!!!

I must have blown my luck now becuase I've just got another one, only its different from the first one!!

A few pictures attached.

This one looks much more like the 7.5cm version than the first one I showed.

Ignore the small stick in the photo - I had to put it there to stop the shorter one falling forwards when I photographed it.

Has anyone got any further information on 4.2cm squeezebore projectiles? I've got the book by Manfred Stegmuller called "Von Flanschengerschossen und Wolframkernen" but can't find much more information on them.

Has anyone got a case they can photograph and put on the forum, I've never seen one and they seem to be quite hard to find.



  • Another 4.2cm squeezebore 1.JPG
    Another 4.2cm squeezebore 1.JPG
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  • Another 4.2cm squeezebore 2.JPG
    Another 4.2cm squeezebore 2.JPG
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  • Another 4.2cm squeezebore 3.JPG
    Another 4.2cm squeezebore 3.JPG
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  • Another 4.2cm squeezebore 4.JPG
    Another 4.2cm squeezebore 4.JPG
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  • Another 4.2cm squeezebore 5.JPG
    Another 4.2cm squeezebore 5.JPG
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