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Dangerous relics

Hallo / Hi

I just discover this on a forum . Many items found in the ground , but may be problematic .

Page 1:

Page 2:

Between the weapons, we can see a "Panzerschreck"


fantastic images mate

just makes me wonder what happens to the poor bastards that still remain in the soil after these scavenges have dug the soil up??

sorry to get all heavy,but ive heard of some 'collectors' (more like grave robbers) stripping remains of anything that will identify them..sorry i think i need to go to bed..

I have read . It is recent .

Found , in the park of a castel near Paris .

The castle was an hospital during the war.
Apparently, No bodies in the ground, only material and ammo.

US and german material together, fast scrapped in holes at the end of the fight.
sorry for my last post,bad day..was in a huff.
always interested in battlefield finds mate.

My sister lives in Belgium,a place called Lecktervelde,near Roeserlarre so when I'm visiting over in Belgium i usually run away somewhere and explore.

Took my car through Paris couple of years ago,interesting experiance to say the least.
So anyway passing on my warm regards

Here in my city a few years back, a tow truck company found a grenade in his lot just barely above ground. He then started pulling up one after another until he had around a dozen or so. What he didn't realize was that they all were White Phospherous. He was extremely lucky that no small cracks were on the WP's or he would of sustained severe burns.
Stuff like that gets found every day in the north-west of Belgium. Last news story I remember was about a farmer who found a mills 36 between his potatoes.. :D

Dangerous, sure. Did I go looking for it? no. Do I enjoy seeing it? hell yes! I appreciate seeing any and all ordnance from the World Wars and other conflicts in the wild. Not much different in my mind than the Mutual of Omaha guy (Marlin Perkins) wrestle an alligator or a deadly snake. If someone wants to risk it, let 'em. It's their choice and if some good film comes of it then great, I get to see it. Lots of this stuff eventually filters to the collector and don't think for a minute it don't. If someone chooses to risk his/hers life that is their choice not mine. Take a war journalist for instance, the one who films the action from the midst of it. Were they forced to do it. Not on your life. Do millions watch it?? you bet they do....Dano
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