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Dano done a bad thing

Geez, I've been collecting WW1 for a while, and there's been some wild stuff in and out of my collection over the past years, tonight I dona a bad thing. I bought something WW1 that i've never had. I wil post pics when piece arrives. To me it is the holy grail, to some of you European guys maybe not so good, but you know, never seen one posted here so i'll stick with "really good" bear with me and when I get it I will post the S__t out of it Best....Dano

Mums the word until it gets here, probably take a week. It is German and it is WW1 and that's all you get for now...Dano
Is it something like this?



While this is not grenade related, it is German, WWI and something you would use when you have done a bad thing.
Get well soo Dano, and stay away from the sheep
Best wishes
Is it a Zeppelin? I know I always wanted a Zeppelin. I'd be pretty jealous Dano - tell us!


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oh thats it

Ewe guys are just being a tad hard on me here...Dano
And I wish it were a Zeppelin, then i'd have to get a really big hangar next to my Eindecker EIII
Hint #2 - Introduced at the very end of 1916 and declared obsolete by the beginning of 1917 This "device" had an extremely short lifespan
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That "viro"-stuff makes me a pain at a very "bad place" :tinysmile_eyebrow_t:tinysmile_fatgrin_t

@dano: It is something which makes "BOOM"??