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Date of 9 pdr projectile


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Can someone help me understand which numbers indicate the date on this projectile?
Shells are not my field, but I should think that an early studded example could quite easily have been made in 1896, either 6/96 or 9/96 depending on which way up the shell is. I am sure some of our shell experts can tell you more.
I agree it could be either.This is a very nice shell either way.In very nice condition.Was it expensive?Tony.
I picked it up at a flea market in Quebec City for $15.00 a couple of years ago. I couldn't decide if the date was stamped on the copper lug or if it was on the base. I was pretty excited to find what I consider a scarce projectile.
This info may be of interest to you its from "Handbook For 9-PR. R.M.L.GUNS OF 6 CWT.& 8 CWT" from 1889

"All shrapnel shell will be painted with a red tip 1 inch deep. All filled shell will have a red band, 2 inch
wide, painted around the head, 1J inches from the top. In the case of shrapnel, this band will be 2 inch
below the red tip. They will also be marked with the date of filling, and except (when filled by Royal
Artillery), the monogram of station. The colour of the paint will be red on a black ground, or black on a red
ground. Projectiles which are to be used for practice only will be marked with a yellow band round the

is that yours on the right of the drawing

Hi,I think you got a bargain indeed! I would think its worth 150 to 200 Gbp's(my guess),Do i understand correctly that the law on owning such items is quite strict in Canada? Cheers Tony.
There are no laws against owning deactivated ordnance in Canada. Canada post will not ship any ordnance whether deactivated or replica and if discovered in the mail system it will be confiscated and destroyed. Of course if the item is packaged well then it's not an issue as they (Canada Post) would never know.
An old thread but the date is definitely September 1896.
My projectile is dated 5/87 or May1887 on the stud of a MkV111 Shrapnel projectile.
There are militaria websites that own and sell ordnance that are based out of canada, If they can exist out in the clear view of the government, I am certain there is no problem. Just my opinion.

(oops sorry just realized how old this thread is, you probably know this by now. My bad).