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delay detonators


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against a No. 42 and fuze pocket, top to bottom, no.52 instantanious drill, no.51 25-30secs, no. 51 0.025 secs drill, no. 56 0.05 secs drill, to one side, no. 28 burster drill and an unmarked detonator
Hello Rrickoshae,
That's an excellent display :laugh:
Thanks for sharing them with us.
Nice group! The unidentified det is either a No 58 Det used in a 4.5 and 8 inch Photoflash (it should say so on the top disc) or it's a Mk 6, Mk 7 or Mk N8 used in a Mk XIV, XVI, XIX OR XX Depth Charge Pistol. (The only differences in these latter dets is in the fillings used). I haven't seen one of the latter for a long time but it's about 1.4 inches long and the stem is 0.3 inches in diameter. The No 28 Detonator Burster dates from shortly after World War 1 and was in use up until the early '70s in 8.5, 10, 11 and 25 lb Practice Bombs.
many thanks for the info eodda. They came from the RAF museum when they were moving their reserve collection from Cardington to RAF Stafford. I was a member of the BAPC (British Aircraft Preservation Council) as I had a historic jet fighter fuselage and members were invited to view what was to be scrapped if not wanted. Basically, the big national museums had first pick, the rest of us got what was left. You wouldn't believe what was given away for the asking, 2 Bloodhounds, boxes of mortar bombs, about 9 large ammo boxes full of dummy German incendiary bombs + a few genuine ones, 2 Italian WW2 bombs in mint condition (might have been French) bombs up to WW1 2000pdr, fins, and bomb fuzes and fuze pockets, the list was endless. I only picked up a few of the latter as I couldn't think what I would do with 20 odd assorted sizes with assorted transit plugs and flanges fitted - what a pratt!
Hi Rick
I've been to the RAF Museum reserve collection at Stafford a few times - they've certainly got some fascinating stuff.