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Depth Charge Fuze ?


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I'm not sure if this is the remains of some sort of depth charge fuze ?

If possible, could someone in the know, please make a positive identification of the piece.

Many thanks,

Invest :)

Pic 1

Hi Invest
You've done it again! Where do you get all this stuff from?! It's a British Depth Charge Pistol (WW2 of course). I'm not sure of the Mark - either Mk VII or Mk X - it should be stamped on the upper edge of the rim - what's that at 4 o'clock in picture 1? You'll get principle of operation from OP1665 (see the Hydrostatic Pistol thread).
Hello Eodda,
It's from a local museum.
The curator allowed me to take a few pics.
Many thanks for identifying it :laugh:
Invest :)
Hi everyone
here is a hydrotatic pistol fitted to one of Barnes wallis bouncing bombs which was recovered from reculver and donated to Brenzett aeronautical museum kent

The 'Upkeep' Dams bomb (code name) had three Mk XIV Depth Charge (hydrostatic) pistols very simlar to the one in Investor's photos and discussed in the hydrostatic pistols thread, except for a different operating depth (see OP1665 - British Explosive Ordnance). There was also a simple pyrotechnic delay fuze - similar in principle to the No 42 Fuze used in Flares etc (again see OP11665), as a back up in case the hydrostatic ones didn't work.
German Armourers drawings

Here is a picture of the German bomb disposal diagramme of our upkeep bomb that failed to detonate
Re:German Armourers drawings

German armourers drawing of the hydrostic pisols used on Upkeep
Re:German Armourers drawings

German Armourers drawing as to how the Mk14 hydrostatic pistols worked