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Are detonators legal as i see them for sale still operating condition !?!
the ones used to blow charges with the handle and twist technique or plunge`rs just like the picture

I think there ok but not sure ! also is this american ?


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if you have a specific license stipulating your competence and your qualifications along with suitable storage requirements / regs etc then yes you could buy them. If you have these you would know!

Now you have modified you post with a picture, your original was not clear...

With reargued to your new post any electrical charge is the same, lets say a 9v battery!
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i'm sure their classed as explosives!
and restricted because of how usefull they are in the wrong hands.
I wouldnt touch em,for the obvious reasons but also in case I got burgled and some idiot started messing with em.

(would be a real shame if a burglar was to blow his hands off though...stop it Doug behave!!)

I remember those dets that used to be put on railway lines..they could take ya bloody fingers off!

well ive just clicked on what your talking about!!

Its alot clearer now you have edited your post!!

I'm almost,(and it is an almost) certain these are legal to own but detonators themselves are not.
I know you can purchase electrical firing devices for setting off fireworks or model rockets,so I'm sure there is no restrictions on them.
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The item in your photo looks like the older version of a U.S. 10-cap Blasting Machine, rated to reliably detonate 10 electric detonators (blasting caps) wired in series. The design of the newer version allowed the handle to be removed for easier transport and safety.

Here in the U.S. we casually refer to detonators as blasting caps, but the official terms would be electric and nonelectric (fuse type) detonators.

There is another version of a 10-cap machine that is floating around that has wires protruding, instead or the screw type terminals. It is usually painted white, and was used in tanks as a backup to fire the main gun, in case the battery was dead.